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Sunday, April 21, 2002  12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Garfield, NJ - Russian Cultural Center

Paintings for SALE include museum quality
works by Russian professional artists
454 Outwater Lane
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 Opening remarks by the Russian art expert!
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Vadim Dmitrievich Stepanov was born in 1928 in Moscow, Russia.
After graduating from Art and Crafts Industrial technical school named after M. I. Kalinin in 1951, he started working in Moscow Region Art Fund within Union of Artists of Russia.  Since that time all his life and creative activities have been connected with the Union of Russian Artists. Stepanov V. is listed in all the major art references and is highly collectable today. 

Since 1952 Vadim Stepanov had been participating in All Union (the former USSR), republican and regional exhibitions.

"Looking at the paintings, sketches, still life and portraits of Vadim Stepanov, we see a skilled, prolific artist of rich life knowledge, who lives next door, knows  our life very well and who depicts this life emotionally in his pictures and paintings..." 
-- I. Andreev, newspaper "VPERED" (Forward)

The first series that brought Vadim national fame and recognition was done in early 60s and consisted of nearly sixty oil landscapes of Northern Russia.  According to the 1965 Artists Union annual review "the series captured something that has never been captured before, namely not only severity of the North, but also its cold, cruel and unique beauty..."

Since 1965 Vadim Stepanov has explored numerous art genres such as portrait, still life, landscape and theme painting.  However, strict and primal beauty of the North as well as serene, calm and melancholy beauty of the central Russia have always kept their place among the best Stepanov's paintings.  The radiance of his work is not only an exquisite painting style, but also is his ability to capture a spiritual essence of nature.

The works of the artist had been exhibited - and not once - at the international exhibitions auctions in Paris, London and different cities in Italy and Germany.  Many of his works are being exhibited in the museums and in the private collections both in Russia and abroad.

Vadim Stepanov is a member of Union of Artists of the USSR.

"...Variety and technique of the painting give you impression of le maitr V. Stepanov.  From architectural landscapes to portraits - this is the scope of the artist interests and creative abilities..."  V. Lobanov, newspaper "VREMYA" (Time)

His works have been on Exhibit in the Queen's Gallery, Great Britain; Private collection of De Beers;
Art Gallery "ANNA", Milan, Italy; Art Gallery "AFFA", Turkey and over 20 museums worldwide.
Works are included in several private collections throughout Europe and the Americas.

Stanislav Prilutsky  Member of UNION OF ARTISTS OF RUSSIA since 1984, was born in Kursk region, Russia in 1951. After graduating from The Arts and Crafts industrial techtical school named after M.Kalinin in 1971, he started working as a rugs designer.  In 1979 he graduated from The Surikov High Shool of ARts under professors Yuri Korolev and Tair Salakhov. His paintings have been on Exhibit in many European countries and are included in several private collections throughout Europe and Japan. He is also a permanent participant of all exhibitions in Germany under protection of'Nicolai and son Corporation'. He's a great master of still-lifes, portrates and landscapes.

Vjacheslav Voronin - Member of UNION OF ARTISTS OF RUSSIA, was born in Moscow in 1947. After graduating from Moscow texstilInstitution he stsrted working as a teacher of Fine Arts at the same Institution. He is famous for his city landscapes.the artists' paintings has been exhibited at international exhibitions and Art shows in Spain, Japan, Korea and Germany.

Rimma Isakova was born in Moscow in 1944. Graduated from the Moscow Art College named after 1905 year. Was admitted into the UNION OF ARTISTS OF RUSSIA in 1976. Participated in numerous Moscow, All-Russia and All-Union exhibitions. Many private collections in Italy, France,Germany, Africa and America include her pictures. In 1991 her works of Art were displayed at the international exhibition in Tokyo 'TIAS'. Has personal exhibitions in the town of Sapporo and Otaru, Japan.

Tatiana Shevelkina  was born in Yalta, Russia, 1951.  She graduated from the "Muchina High School of Art", Leningrad, Russia, department of tapestry.  Today she is one of the last Mohicans who does everything by herself, from the begining to the end.  Her works have been on Exhibit in many European countries and are included in several private collections throughout Europe (Germany, Great Brirain, South Africa, etc.).  Her works have been shown in over 100 exhibits in Russia and worldwide.